In this blog, I’ve listed down all the probable system design questions that can be asked by system design interviewers during the onsite rounds for product-based companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Google, etc. This blog consists of:

  1. List of design questions
  2. Tips to answer design questions
  3. High-Level Design Expectations

GitHub’s new feature update on designing your profile home screen is no less than an amazing and valuable addition to your profile.

I tried this new feature and I simply LOVE it! ❤

Why this feature is a Great Value Addition to your GitHub Profile?

  • You can tell why are you working on these projects and your other interests
  • You can add…

The agenda of this blog is simple. We’ll discuss various parameters that we keep in mind while deciding a perfect database for our Application Service.

In terms of data engineering, data pressure is the ability of the system to process the amount of data at a reasonable cost or a…

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